Simone Hine


Cut, 2016. 3mins22sec. Stereo Sound.

Cut, 2016.
3min22sec. HD Video. Stereo Sound.

The title, Cut, refers to the double moment where the represented act of cutting flower stems aligns with two quick jump-cut edits that reveal the same moment from a second camera angle. The second angle is much wider and in colour. The artist is seen in a studio environment, performing the action for a camera that sits over her right shoulder. For two brief moments, when the black and white moving image is interrupted by the colour footage, the represented narrative and the moment of inscription are held simultaneously. Both aspects of the moving image are staged, which brings into question the distinction between representation and inscription.

Cut was made to be screened as part of RE: Cinema, curated by Ryszard Dabek and John Di Stefano and shown at the Sydney Underground Film Festival, 2016. Within the context of a film screening, where the video is shown from start to finish once, the hidden moments that are present as two momentary flashes, sit on the threshold between what is perceptible and imperceptible. This echoes the way the still image (frames per second), which comprises the moving image, is at once seen and unseen.

Text and Links:

RE:Cinema, 2016

Kyle Weise. Split Screen. Catalogue Essay. Metro Arts, 2016. pdf here.

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