Simone Hine


Simone Hine and Linda Neil, Landscape, 2009. SD Video. Stereo Sound. 4mins29sec.

Simone Hine and Linda Neil. Landscape, 2009.
SD Video. Stereo Sound. 4mins29sec.


Landscape is a collaborative artwork made by artist Simone Hine and composer Linda Neil.

The camera passes through the landscape at speed. Despite the distance travelled the repetitive scenery renders the image still. At speed the body becomes detached from the landscape, the straight road that cuts through the landscape is a scar that facilitates this movement. The sustained vision and endless loop removes the origin and destination from the journey, in this context the speed and progress is rendered pointless and the road becomes of symbol of disconnection from the landscape, rather than a symbol of connections between destinations.  

We acknowledge the traidtional owners of the land on which this work was made, the Esperance Nyungars and the Ngadju.



Ultimate Time Lapse Megamix, Next Wave 2010. Catalogue.


Trocadero, Melbourne.

Installation View, Trocadero, Melbourne.

Next Wave 2010 Ultimate Time Lapse Mega Mix .

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