Simone Hine

Past, Place, Future

Libby Harward, Already Occupied – Yuwayi! Jana-n-ba Wunjayi! (Goodbye! Go away now!) , 2018. HD Video. 9min8sec. Video Still.

Past, Place, Future
Libby Harward, Callum McGrath, Sancintya Mohini Simpson
Curated by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise

[MARS] Gallery, Melbourne, 7 November - 7 December, 2019

Presented as part of an exchange with Metro Arts

This exhibition brings together video work by three emerging artists based in South-East Queensland: Libby Harward, Callum McGrath and Sancintya Mohini Simpson. Each artist’s work emphasises place, and the specificity of the local sites where they were filmed and in which the works dwell. The works layer repressed histories over these landscapes, remembering forgotten stories, while looking to the future and transforming these places via the specific possibilities of video.

Read the Exhibition Catalogue essay here.

The exhibition was originally presented at [MARS] Gallery (Melbourne). It was also presented at Metro Arts in February 2020 as part of Loop, in conjunction with the Metro Arts with Love festival. Documentation of the Metro Arts iteration can be viewed here.

Sancintya Mohini Simpson, Sugared Land/s, 2019., HD Video. 4 mins. Video Still.

Callum McGrath. Toro, 2019. HD Video. 6 min. Video Still.

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